Since 1977, Ma Boutique Déco has been a haven for rustic style enthusiasts looking to create their perfect family nest. Allow our team of three seasoned decorators to guide you in crafting a home that reflects your unique personality while maintaining a welcoming ambiance. Whether in-store or online, we offer an extensive selection of Farmhouse / country-style décor and accessories, including top-tier hardware. Visit us to experience our in-store exclusives and our personalized decoration service. Our decorators on-site provide incredible assistance, helping you customize your décor, aligning with the essence of joy and comfort you desire for your dwelling. From bathrooms to exteriors, we have something special for every corner of your home.


Hello, I'm Suzanne Léonard, an interior decoration stylist with a career that began in 2000. Passionate about the world of decoration, my professional journey started as a florist, then as a visual merchandiser, and a manager for new décor products. In 2012, I joined the team at Gabriel Couture, where I now oversee the decoration department. 

My Passion for Decorating 

From childhood, decorating has always been at the core of my interests. Whether creating settings for my Barbie dolls or Christmas decorations, a season I regard as the ideal time for creativity, my passion is evident in every project. 

My Expertise 

I adapt to all styles, with a particular affinity for chic farmhouse decor. I love blending modern with antiques, restoring them to give a second life. My skills include: 

Color Coordination: Crafting harmonious and elegant color palettes. 

Lighting Selection: Finding the perfect lighting solution for each space. 

Wallpaper and Frames: Choosing the ideal pieces to personalize your interior. 

Your Decorating Project 

I'm here to assist you in your decorating endeavors, taking care of every detail. My greatest satisfaction? Helping you make the right choices and seeing you happy in your new space, where your personality and style shine through. 

Contact Me 

Don't hesitate to share your ideas and dreams concerning decoration. I'll be delighted to make them come true for you. Contact me today to make your space a place where you truly feel at home. 



I am Jennifer Bailey: A Unique Artist and Interior Decoration Stylist 

From a young age, I've been immersed in the world of art, exploring various fields such as crafting, dancing, painting, sewing, and ornamental horticulture. These experiences have fueled my passion for creativity and aesthetics. 

My Passion and Studies in Horticulture 

With a particular love for horticulture, I pursued studies in this field while cultivating my interest in interior decoration. At the age of 32, I fully embraced this other passion, returning to school to study interior decorating. 

My Experience in Construction and Decorating 

Having built three houses and with a solid background in construction, I specialize in finishes and interior decorating. My innate talent and hands-on expertise enable me to effectively advise my clients, tailoring designs to their style and encouraging them to push their creative boundaries. 

My Unique Skillset 

I skillfully blend my manual craftsmanship with artistic sensibility. I create unique and inspiring spaces, harmonizing decorative elements with my clients' needs and preferences. 

I'm Your Guide in Decoration 

With me by your side, you'll benefit from an attentive and competent guide for your interior decorating projects. My passion, experience, and ability to innovate will open new artistic horizons for you. 

Don't hesitate to contact me today to explore your decorating project with a personalized and creative approach. 



My name is Julie Beauregard; As a professional interior decorator since 2003, my innate passion for aesthetics and home design has steered my career path. With an adaptable nature that seamlessly integrates into every project, I specialize in transforming homes into spaces that perfectly reflect your identity, be it modern, rustic, or contemporary. 

Customer satisfaction is my absolute priority. From color coordination to flooring selection and even the finest accessories, I provide comprehensive interior decorating services that cater to all your needs. My insatiable curiosity drives me to constantly explore the latest trends and techniques in interior design to deliver a tailored service. 

Need a unique touch of style for your living space? Trust me to bring your ideas to life and create an environment that fully resonates with you. My skills encompass every aspect of decoration including: 

  • Color Schemes: Creating harmonious color palettes that express your personality. 
  • Flooring Solutions: Selecting the right floor coverings to enhance your space. 
  • Accessories & Accents: Finding the perfect finishing touches to complete your home's look. 

Discover how I can transform your living or working space into a unique and elegant place. Contact me today to discuss your interior decorating needs and embark on a journey to design your dream space.