Deluxe Knee Blanket - Esprit du Québec


Our tartan knee and lap blankets are cozy and warm, and great for picnics, sporting events or reading a good book. Wear knee blankets over the shoulders or on your lap.

Our traditional clan and custom tartan throws are woven using a shutterless loom for our Highland Collection, producing high-quality wool and vibrant colours. Unmatched in quality and durability, Patrick King Woollen Company blankets are a natural, breathable and sustainable.

These merino wool knee blankets are perfect for your gifts, campers, cottagers and all who appreciate the warmth, comfort and style of woollen products at home.

Esprit du Quebec
Quebec tartan owes its inspiration to the provincial coat of arms, which in turn reflects the history of the province. Named after the province of Quebec, Canada’s largest province. The colours of the tartan reflect the blue and white of the Quebec flag, often called Fleurdelisé. The coat of arms is depicted with yellow and green for the golden lion and the three green maple leaves. The three shades of blue represent the St. Lawrence River.


Dimensions : 69″x 31″ / 175cm x 79cm, 3"/ 7.5cm fringe

Made of Merino Wool

Care Instructions : Wash in cold water and dry flat or dry clean


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